School courses

We offer a range of courses aimed at schools.
Ten-week taster sessions are available in kickboxing. Self defence, karate and the award winning li'l dragon programme.
Gym lessons, with a change from mainstream sports - try a ten-week course in kickboxing or sport martial arts.
 Sara Colburn gym teacher at Thornleigh Salesian School Bolton – “our girls really enjoyed the course they learned self-defence and fitness skills a few have even gone on to take up the sport”.
Primary schools go for the li’l dragon programme.

Head master at st Stephens the martyr Bolton – “the course was run very professionally and the children really enjoyed the l'il dragon programme”
One off sessions in martial arts can be a great treat for the school and can also be very rewarding to the pupils, parents and teachers.

St Columbus primary school Bolton - Melanie – “we were introduced to the course run by the morrison’s black belt school academy through a local community leader. The children loved the course. It was aimed at young children with fun and games included into the martial arts. I highly recommend it we are running another course shortly”
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"Those who watch, envy those that do freestyle karate & kickboxing"

Sensei Jason

Kickboxing programmes - Martial Art Courses for Schools

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