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Jason Morrison

Team Bolton Dragons International kickboxing -Croatia 2007

I started training under the instruction of sensei Terry O’Neill at the samurai martial arts centre in Liverpool. This was brought about by a spate of bulling at school, which after certain guidance from sensei O’Neill was stopped never to rear its ugly head again.
At the samurai martial arts centre I was to follow shotokan style karate for 4 years.
This was the finest instruction I was ever to receive. (Not the style but the actual teaching)
The Samurai martial arts centre was a full time dojo with a shop at the front it was way ahead of its time (early eighties) for England. Terry was forced to close the dojo as the council put the rent up to a ridiculus price,(the building remained empty for 12 years typical council property)
After this I trained at the red triangle under Andy sherry and frank Brennan for around a year but due to family problems my mum moved back to Bolton taking me with her.
There I trained under Joe Tierney and practised shukokia karate. Joe Tierney was very much into tournament fighting. With the skills I had learned from Terry O'Neill I quickly learned the game and was hooked, forever.
In 2002 I decided to go it alone and with the guidance of Curtis page,
Morrison’s Black Belt School Academy was formed The future……
Born 1st march 1971
Height- 5ft 11inch
Weight - 78kg
Status - married
Style  - freestyle karate & kickboxing
Grade - 3rd dan
Years training - 21 with a few breaks!
Instructors - Terry O’Neill (4 years), Andy Sherry, Frank Brennan (1 year), Joe Tierney (to many to remember), Curtis Page & REK SUITS
Most valued title – Dad.

W.A.K.O Bristish championships 3rd place mens -79 kilos semi 2001
I.S.K.A world championships mens semi contact age 30 - 39 third place 2004
I.S.K.A world championships mens semi contact age 30 - 39 third place 2005
I.S.K.A world championships mens light contact age 30 -39 third place 2005
W.P.K.A European champion tradional kata 2004.
JUDGMENT DAY 1st place mens -80 kilos semi contact black belts 2005
W.K.A Scottish national champion 1st mens semi 35+ open weight 2006
KUMITE CLASSICS 1st place mens semi 35+ middle weight 2006
I.A.K.S.A British championships 2nd place mens tradtional kata 2006
U.S open & I.S.K.A world champs mens semi 30-39 second place 2006

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